Zea + Oscar Jan Hoogland - “You're Dead”

Ineke Duivenvoorde made a beautiful video for our song “You're Dead”, which is a version of “You're Dead” by Norma Tanega. She was an incredible woman who wrote great music. Sadly she passed away last December.

New Zea album with Oscar Jan Hoogland

Zea's latest release is a collaboration with piano and electric clavichord improviser Oscar Jan Hoogland. The album is called SUMMING.

Check the video of “We Lost Our Phone” made by Dominika Łabądź and Jakub Majchrzak.

Alles Is Goed

Out on February 14, the great remake of DAF's Alles Ist Gut by Friesian post punkers It Dockumer Lokaeltsje. Here's a brand new video of the last song of the album...


The Agency 7″ inch release comes with two great videos. The one of Agency is made by Annelies Verhelst and is starring two great Amsterdam based dancers: Makiko Ito and Valentina Campora. The video for My First Friends Were Animals was made by Adam and Tim from the legendary Jackdaw With Crowbar.

This Is Frafra Power

A new compilation with music from the Upper East of Ghana where Frafra is the regional language. All artists are from in and around Bongo, the town where Ghanaian star King Ayisoba was born and raised. This is a collection of styles, all recorded in Francis Ayamga's Top Link studio. Ayamga is also drummer in King Ayisoba's band and creates beats and bass for the new Bongo stars.

This Is Frafra Power will be released on 22 February.

Zea Tour In Ghana + Burkina Faso

Zea - Batakri Tour poster

Zea + Oscar Jan Hoogland English Tour Dates

Zea + Oscar Jan Hoogland English tour dates

Zea - Moarn Gean Ik Dea

Here is the latest Zea album, Moarn Gean Ik Dea, in moving image. Every song has a video.