cover of Makkum Records MR 14


Songs For A Dead Pilot

Space Siren / Zea / Wolvon

MR 14 2 x 7″ single 2015

Zea - Who Makes Me Try

Corno Zwetsloot, bandleader and guitarist of Space Siren and magic force behind the Next To Jaap Studio in Voorhout, passed away on November 27th 2014.

In the month before he managed to record two more tracks with his band that appear on one of the 7″s in this release. One heartbreaking song called “Zachies” and one blistering noise track called “Song For A Dead Pilot”. Both tracks contain everything Space Siren gave the world before and more. The other piece of vinyl contains two covers of Space Siren songs, one by Groninger underground vikings Wolvon and one by Zea.

This release is a three label release of Corno's own Katzwijm Records, Space Siren and Wolvon's partners in crime Subroutine and Makkum Records.