Terms and Conditions


The Provider (Makkum Records) shall indicate the way in which the Consumer can pay, together with clear step-by-step instructions about the mode of payment.

Before concluding the agreement, confirmation of the product or service to be provided and the price to be paid will be sent to the Consumer. On account of this confirmation, the agreement is concluded with a physical action by the Consumer (e.g. a mouse click).

After having received the product, the Consumer has a 14-day cooling-off period to terminate the agreement without giving reasons and to return the product. If this is the case, the Consumer shall pay for returning the goods, except when the “money back guarantee” rules are justly invoked. In case of termination, the Provider shall pay back the amounts paid within 30 days after the day on which the goods have been returned.

The Consumer can only effectively exercise his/her right of withdrawal within 14 days if the goods in question are returned in full and undamaged, preferably as much as possible inside or with the original packing. Revocation is also possible if the goods are not complete and/or damaged (after complete and undamaged delivery), but in this case the Provider shall be reasonably compensated for the damage and/or incompleteness. After the cooling-off period and when the product is demonstrably defect or wrongly delivered, the Consumer must give the Provider a reasonable opportunity to deliver the right product at a later time.


Packages will be sent out within two working days.

The Provider shall agree with the Consumer on a delivery time of 30 days at the most.

When the agreed delivery time is exceeded for whatever reason, the Provider shall inform the Consumer without delay and offer the possibility to terminate the agreement free of charge. In such case, any payments already made shall be returned as soon as possible but always within 30 days after the termination.


The Provider guarantees that the products and/or goods provided conform to the agreement and fulfil the specifications given in the offer.

The Provider shall pay the whole purchase amount back if, promptly after delivery and/or discovery, it appears that the products or services are not good or differ from the ordered products of services. Any requests for remedy, replacement or delivery of the defect or the missing item shall be granted by the Provider.

All goods must be returned as soon as possible and in any case within 14 days after the Consumer has made his/her complaint known to the Provider.

The Consumer is obliged to inform the Provider within a reasonable time (within due time) after having noticed the defect. The Consumer shall return the received products promptly after notification and at the Provider’s request.


The Provider is obliged to cooperate in the settlement of disputes by the Webshop Disputes Committee and compliance with the binding advice arising from this.

The laws of the Netherlands shall apply to all agreements with consumers residing in the Netherlands. The Provider shall submit to the jurisdiction of the competent judge of the Consumer’s place of residence or the Provider’s place of domicile, at the discretion of the Consumer.


The Provider shall comply with the Registration of Personal Data Act [Wet Persoonsregistraties]. This also means that the Provider shall register the applicable registrations with the Registration Board [Registratiekamer].