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Recyclist (Malorix Remixed)

Various Artists

MR 7 ● 12″ EP ● 2012


Belselama Said Qutbs Lawn Mower by Filastine

A black vinyl 33 1/3 RPM 12″ that contains five totally adventurous remixes of bass culture clasher Malorix and one original new track by Malorix himself.

In 2009 Malorix’ debut album Sound System Culture Clash appeared on Redrum Recordz. Over the following three years DJs like Filastine, Maga-Bo and JF/DS put tracks of Malorix in their sets. Here are five brand new tracks – versions and remixes of Malorix material by lovers of this album that stayed underground but is unique in style. Malorix himself delivers a shiny new track on top.


A1: 1-speed Bike: Hosni Mubarak Does a Back Flip over the Gaza Wall without the CIA Safety Net
A2: Jason Forrest/ Donna Summer: Malorix Case Study
A3: Zea: Stretch Out Your Frown
B1: Filastine: Belselama Said Qutbs Lawn Mower
B2: Malorix: Aur Tum Kya Ho, Dancer?
B3: FFF: Kabaddi Schwalbe (FFF RMX)

Malorix is Frisian Jelmer Cnossen who, from his base in Twente, explores the world, preferably on his bicycle. Sounds he picks up on the road or plunders from cassettes, CDs and LPs end up in his laptop where they are recycled, processed and molten together into tracks with the typical Malorix style: jumpy, groovy, refreshing and sometimes alienating.

1-speed Bike is Aidan Girt, most known for drumming in Godspeed You Black Emperor. Girt also plays in Exhaust and as guest in Silver Mt Zion. Girt samples his drums, pushes the low and always comes with the best titles.

Filastine delivers a hyper danceable remix of Malorix’ hit “Belselama”. Who am I? A specialist in counter-hegemonic brown sound, world’s only luddite laptopist, on a mission to jam their signal with my noise. Malorix.

Jason Forrest/Donna Summer is one of the founders of breakcore, but takes his music now one universe further with his mash-ups.

FFF is Rotterdammer Tommy de Roos. Breakcore and ragga jungle master but doesn’t hide his gabber roots. Releases records on Ketacore, Kool pop, Sprengstoff en Planet Mu.


Malorix brings the heat via Makkum Records and a remix pack with contributions from Filastine, FFF, 1-speed Bike, Jason Forrest/Donna Summer and Zea. Taking the different backgrounds of remixers on duty into consideration, this package is obviously a fairly widespread experience in terms of styles and interpretations. Out of the efforts here, the most successful efforts primarily come from Zea’s universe of tabla-driven percussion, distorted kicks and the occasional ditto Amen break flavoured with a dash of wobbling bassline and Dutch vocal sample on “Stretch Out Your Frown”. Last not least, Filastine’s doomy techno break beat trickery of “Belselama Said Qutbs Lawn Mower”, takes us 20 years back into time. It features all the right elements from some long forgotten ‘white label only’ obscurity and had it been the actual case, Discogs vultures would’ve skyrocketed prices beyond ridicule by now.
— hifly.dk.


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