We Better Boil Soup Of The Grown-ups


MR1 ● 7″ EP ● 2009


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You Sound Like An iTunes Fade-out

This 7″ (red vinyl) contains seven songs and is the first release on Zea’s own label Makkum Records. Next to the songs “We’ve Got a Crisis” and “Why So Scared”, which appeared on Zea’s album The Beginner in 2010, you will find five songs that or on this 7″ exclusive. One of the songs is a Ramones cover called “I Wanna Be Deleted” and one song is a Dutch nursery rhyme sung by a seven year old girl in Madina, Ghana.


The seven tracks on this release hint at an unquiet mind not content to entertain the same idea for too long, just get it down and move on to the next one.

Kicking off with the electro-clash melee that is “Why So Scared’, madness ensues in the form of an Art of Noise/ Dizzee Rascal garage-ska mash up with a brass hook that stops just short of crossing the line between catchy and eye-gougingly annoying. “We’ve Got a Crisis’ progresses with the brass stabs intact but begins to reveal Zea’s conventional punk influence, which is further confirmed with a guitar + voice cover of The Ramones “I Wanna be Sedated” entitled “I Wanna Be Deleted”. If it weren’t for the need to flip the record over this would segue neatly into “You Sound Like an iTunes Fade Out”, similar in spirit but mangled by the ghost of Joe Meek, whilst “Les Mots et Les Choses” is just mangled. Ordinarily a Dutch nursery rhyme performed solo by an eight-year-old Ghanaian girl would sound absurd, but at this point “Tip of Your Nose” sounds like the most normal thing in the world. The EP concludes with “Atomic Heart”, which in complete contrast to its wacky beginnings is a sombre, bare bones song that’s the closest we get to conventional.

Clearly a man of wild imagination and restless spirit, Zea’s punk ethic proves the bedrock to this collection of tracks and to his career to date. Wonderfully bonkers.

— Richard Stokoe, Losing Today.


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