Minimal Guitar (CD)

Arnold de Boer

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Arnold de Boer: solo guitar.

In The Shade On The Lee Side

On the first Monday after the summer holidays of 2020, I decided to not start the morning with a pile of emails about cancelled, rescheduled or possible future concerts but instead walk around Amsterdam. Following the ring road A10, both from the inside and the outside, I walked without a map and tried to stay as close to the highway as possible. Which didn’t always work, I got lost several times. The entire trip took me at least forty hours, spread over eleven days.

When home, I picked up my guitar, played what came to mind and recorded it. It is instrumental, acoustic and free playing, improvised. I’ve put eight of those recordings on a disc. It is simple, minimal; it is music with limited resources, direct and fat-free. I keep the release simple and limited as well; simple in title and name and limited in edition. I have 100 CDs and 200 LPs to sell and after 300 downloads and 300 streams I will take the tracks offline.

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