Today I Forgot To Complain


TCWTGA 022 ● LP ● 2005


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Counting Backwards Leads To Explosions

Second album of Zea. First released as CD on Transformed Dreams (dream25, 2003). Released on LP in 2005 by Hamburg based label The Company With The Golden Arm.


Living in Amsterdam, surrounded by all manner of legal highs, must do funny things to your mind. Dutch duo Zea, for example, had the bright idea of punctuating their frenzied guitars and crashing drums with ringtones, accordions, bells, whistles, freaky voices, plinky-plonky pianos and other surreal sounds. Bizarrely enough, somehow it works. Like Japanese experimental rockers Polysics and Buffalo Daughter, Zea casually throw brain-numbing noise, punchy pop, ham-fisted hip-hop and funky techno into the mix, creating a jagged, fucked-up sound that’s so much more than the sum of its parts. Like They Might Be Giants jamming with the Ramones or Pink Floyd headlining a punk convention, Today I Forgot To Complain is bewildering, enigmatic and always full of surprises.

— David McComb, Kerrang, May 2003.

Genius indiepop made by two notepad-doodled Dutch boys that have Autechre soundtracking Rugrats coming in one set of ears and the sweet harmony of Mr Bungle flushing Belle + Sebastian’s heads down the toilet going out of the other. The respective rosters of Sarah records and Tigerbeat6 line up at opposite ends of the playground and then … BULLDOG!! Snot and hairgrips everywhere.

— Petra Star, Careless Talk Costs Lives – Issue 4, May/June 2003.


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