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What A Man Can Do, Woman Can Do More Better

Ayuune Sule

MR 12 ● 7″ single ● 2015


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Ayuune Sule: kologo, voice

What A Man Can Do, Woman Can Do More Better

There is a big Frafra community in Kumasi, the second city of Ghana and capital of the Ashanti region. The Frafra come from the North East Region of Ghana and next to their own Frafra language, batakari dress and hunting rituals, they are known for their kologo music and in the Kumasi region Ayuune Sule is the main kologo star.

The most famous kologo player these days in the whole of Ghana and abroad is King Ayisoba. When he scored his hit song “I Want To See You My Father” Ayuune Sule was the first to follow King Ayisoba on his tours through the country to support him and to join his band playing the sinyaka (a calabash filled with hard berries that sounds like a giant maracas and is hit and thrown up between two hands). From 2008 Ayuune Sule also joined King Ayisoba on his various trips through Europe and it was on the five week tour in 2013 when he started to sing and play the song “What A Man Can Do…”, with large parts of the audiences in Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Sweden, Norway and more going crazy. Yes, especially the girls who were elbowing their male company between the ribs and shouting for more.

Ayuune Sule tells: ‘What A Man Can Do’ was written when I was been invited by an NGO called Send Ghana to perform on Gender Equality and after the performance, I understood them because I saw young ladies who was holding high positions and were performing good as well in the organisation. I then came to the point of sharing their sentiment and that’s how that song came about!

The song on the other side is a hit too. All the Frafra people in Ghana know that song. The people at the weddings and funerals where Ayuune Sule plays, will all sing along. Looking back from how it all started and how my parents tried all their best to stop me playing kologo, because they thought its taken me nowhere. But God willing today it’s a different story altogether. Also in this case we never know tomorrow! says Sule. But I thought of writing a song about it, until after my fathers death. So it was after the funeral when I sat down meditating how almost all the multitude who trooped to the funeral were there loving and respecting me for who I was and what I did. So it was through the meditation that the song, ‘Who Knows Tomorrow’ came about.

Of all the kologo players in Ghana, Ayuune Sule is the one with the most soulful voice; when listening to Ayuune Sule you hear the direct connection with the soul and blues from the other side of the ocean. His kologo playing is very rhythmical and fast, his technique is superior on the kologo as well as on the sinyaka (percussion). It is a great honour and opportunity to be able to put this music out. And it looks like this is only the top of a very hot kologo iceberg led by King Ayisoba, Ayuune Sule, Guy One, Bola and Prince Buju and that there is much more to come.

Ayuune Sule live


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